A mod for BG1Tutu and Baldur's Gate Trilogy
Version 13.1

Developed by: icelus, devSin, SimDing0, Idobek, Ascension64, CamDawg, SixOfSpades, and Dudley

BG1UB Support Forum: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/board,79.0.html
BG1UB Homepage: http://www.pocketplane.net/bg1ub


  1. General Overview
    1. Ice Island Level Two Restoration
    2. The Mysterious Vial
    3. Additional Elminster Encounter
    4. Angelo Notices Shar-teel
    5. Finishable Kagain Caravan Quest
    6. Coran and the Wyverns
    7. Kivan and Tazok
    8. Branwen and Tranzig
    9. Safana the Flirt
    10. Appropriate Albert and Rufie Reward
    11. Place Entar Silvershield in His Home
    12. Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter
    13. Quoningar, the Cleric
    14. Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi
    15. Edie, the Merchant League Applicant
    16. Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements
    17. Creature Corrections
    18. Creature Restorations
    19. Creature Name Restorations
    20. Minor Dialogue Restorations
    21. Audio Restorations
    22. Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations
    23. Item Corrections and Restorations
    24. Area Corrections and Restorations
    25. Permanent Corpses
    26. Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Resistance
    27. The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections
    28. Sarevok's Diary Corrections
    29. Prism and the Emeralds Tweak
    30. Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building
  1. Installation
  2. Uninstallation
  3. Compatibility
  4. FAQs
  5. Spoilers
  6. Legal Matters
  7. Credits
  8. Version History


BG1 Unfinished Business ("BG1UB") is a WeiDU-based mod for Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast ("TOTSC"), and Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga ("TOS"). This edition is for BG1Tutu ("Tutu") and Baldur's Gate Trilogy ("BGT"), which port these games into the Baldur's Gate II engine. The mod is designed to restore many of the cut items, quests, and encounters from the game's final release, as well as try to tie up some of the "loose ends."  As usual, BG1UB should be compatible with most other WeiDU-based mods, and should be installed after either conversion.  BG1UB should work with or without the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack.
For version 13 no additional audio pack is needed. Do not install the separate German, French or Spanish audio packs of earlier releases!

Listed below is an explanation of some of the mod's components:

A. Ice Island Level Two Restoration

TOTSC/TOS ONLY. Developed by devSin, this component restores the second level of the Ice Island from the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. In the original release, some of the files for this area were damaged and summarily cut from the original game.

B. The Mysterious Vial

One of the biggest "unsolved mysteries" from the original game involves the "mysterious vial" that you find in the Nashkel Mines. SimDing0 has rectified this, and now we can finally tie up this notorious loose end.

C. Additional Elminster Encounter

In the original game, a bug prevented an additional encounter with Elminster from occurring. Thanks to SimDing0, however, this should no longer be the case, so expect to meet the famous wizard once more outside of the Friendly Arm Inn.

D. Angelo Notices Shar-teel

Donated by Ascension64, this component originally appeared in the BGT Tweak Pack. From the BGT Tweak Pack readme:

"Father and daughter relationship saves the day when the party is captured by the Flaming Fist."

E. Finishable Kagain Caravan Quest

Donated by Ascension64, this component originally appeared in the BGT Tweak Pack. From the BGT Tweak Pack readme:

"Finding the son of Duke Entar Silvershield is not a futile wander unless the player waits too long..."

F. Coran and the Wyverns

A bug in Coran's original scripting and dialogue caused him to introduce himself over and over again if the player refused his quest. Thanks to this fix by Idobek, Coran should finally recognize that he had already introduced himself. Additionally, the wyverns that Coran want dead have been made unique, preventing the player from killing any wyvern to complete his quest.

G. Kivan and Tazok

Tazok murdered Kivan's lover, Deheriana, and yet Kivan has nothing to say to Tazok when the party initially meets him in the Bandit Camp. The mourning lover will be silent no more.

H. Branwen and Tranzig

Tranzig was the man responsible for turning Branwen into a decorative statue at the Nashkel Carnival, and yet she said nothing to him in the original game. After installing this component, the exotic priestess will not be so forgiving.

I. Safana the Flirt

Donated by Dudley, this component originally appeared in the Dudleyville Tweaks package.

"Have you ever wondered why Safana, who chats up the men in your party, and is generally a bit of a babe, has Charm Animal as her innate ability? Well now she has "Flirt" instead, which isn't as reliable as magic but when it does work those who fall for her charms will be very forthcoming."

J. Appropriate Albert and Rufie Reward

Different versions of the game and Baldurdash all affected this sequence in the game differently. The original release of the game gave the player a Horn Coral gem. Baldurdash changed it to a bandit scalp. TOTSC broke the dialogue completely. This component should hopefully standardize the reward across the various versions of the game.

K. Place Entar Silvershield in His Home

On the player's first trip to the city of Baldur's Gate, Entar Silvershield was not in his home, though his murder had not yet occurred. This component, coded by SimDing0, restores him during this timeframe, using dialogue from the original game release that was never implemented.

L. Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter

One of the quests given to you by Scar is to investigate the disappearance of people from the city of Baldur's Gate. Included among the missing is the daughter of the Sashenstars. This component will expand upon the quest a bit, allowing you to bring a bit more closure for the family. Special thanks to SixOfSpades for this component's concept.

M. Quoningar, the Cleric

Quoningar is one of several minor characters that were cut prior to the game's initial release. Thanks to devSin, CHARNAME can now help out this old cleric.

N. Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi

Like Quoningar, Shilo Chen never appeared in the original game, but this component will now allow you to help him with his problem.

O. Edie, the Merchant League Applicant

Edie, another cut encounter, is trying to get accepted into the Merchant League. Will CHARNAME be able to help her pass her entrance exam?

P. Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements

The road to Beregost is dangerous these days, so why would a Flaming Fist Mercenary be guarding it alone? Thanks to devSin, this oversight from the original game is now solved.

Q. Creature Corrections

This component contains numerous small edits to many of the game's creature files. Edits include alignment, gender, script, dialogue, death variable, class, and inventory corrections; providing weapons to unarmed creatures; and adds scalps to more bandits.

R. Creature Restorations

There are many minor NPCs that were not included in the game's original release, and this component restores many of them. Most are generic "scenery" NPCs, but a few will provide important information.

S. Creature Name Restorations

By digging through various game files, many NPCs can now be given specific names, rather than, for example, "Noblewoman".

T. Minor Dialogue Restorations

There are many small pieces of dialogue that never made it to the game's final release, but that is no longer the case due to this component. Also included are reward fixes, Dudley's Hobgoblin Fix (modified to work better) and Ike's Reaction-Based Costs, and modification of dialogues in Chapter 7 that is sensitive to the order in which you perform the quests.

U. Audio Restorations

Due to some coding bugs, several creature soundsets did not function properly--or at all. devSin has graciously corrected this problem, however, and now Ajantis, Garrick, Xan, Delsvirftanyon, and several other NPCs can be fully heard.

V. Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations

To put it bluntly, stores, taverns, and inns in the original game are a mess. This component restores a few unused stores, assigns the correct bartenders, adds more specific names to the establishments, and fixes an oversight at the Ulgoth's Beard store.

W. Item Corrections and Restorations

Like the Creature Corrections component, this component contains many fixes and restorations. Several items that were unavailable in the original game have now been added to strategic locations, item-related bugs have been fixed, stores have received new inventory, and item graphics which were previously unused have been restored.

X. Area Corrections and Restorations

This is a rather small component, but installing it will introduce the Halfling Enforcers, alter the Firedrake trap in Durlag's Tower, and fix the game crashing bug for AR0717 (courtesy of Idobek).

Y. Permanent Corpses

A few encounters in the game, such as the Ogre Mage in the Cloakwood Mines, involved corpses, but because of a coding issue, these corpses would disappear prematurely. Installing this component will make some of the more important corpses in the game permanent.

Z. Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Resistance

TOTSC/TOS ONLY. Courtesy of CamDawg, this component restores the natural resistance that Elves and Half-Elves should have toward charm and sleep spells. Elves gain 90% resistance and Half-Elves 30%.

AA. The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections

TOS ONLY. The Original Saga, the re-release of the original Baldur's Gate that included the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, had an error regarding in-game music, which this component should correct. Quote Dudley:

"A couple of respondents have noted that the 3CD Original Saga contains duplicate MUS files in certain instances. It is believed all MUS files should be unique."

AB. Sarevok's Diary Corrections

SixOfSpades has spent a lot of time overhauling Sarevok's Diary and a few related documents so that the dates make a bit more sense, and this component is the result of his effort. It will also correct some of the inconsistency regarding Sarevok's last name (Anchev vs. Costak).

AC. Prism and the Emeralds Tweak

This new component was provided by plainab. Features are: it fixes the exploit of being able to turn in Prism's emeralds one at a time by making them unique items; it provides new options to obtain the emeralds; it provides split rewards if the player is only able to obtain one of the emeralds; it puts the emeralds in the sculpture's eyes if Prism finished it.

AC. Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building

This new component was provided by Balquo and jastey. Duke Eltan has so far unused dialogue states for thanking the PC after bringing him to the Harbor Master, so this component makes sure he appears after being brought there so he can actually say them. This component is compatible with the BG1RE component "Duke Eltan's Spare Minute".

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  1. Double-click the BG1UB_v9.exe file and install to your main BG1 directory
  2. Once the install program has finished, it will launch the WeiDU installer program. Simply follow the on-screen instructions in the new DOS window.

Mac OS X Installation Notes

If you have previously installed this mod, you must uninstall it before installing the new version. To install, simply extract the contents of the mod into the "Game Data" folder in your game installation folder. If properly extracted, you should have a "bg1ub" folder, "setup-bg1ub", and "setup-bg1ub.command" in the Game Data folder. To install, simply double-click "setup-bg1ub.command" and follow the instructions on screen.

Though this mod is made using the WeiDU standard, and *should* be compatible with all other WeiDU-based mods, there is always the possibility for conflicts.  If you encounter any problems installing the mod, please post the contents of the file SETUP-bg1ub.DEBUG at the BG1UB support forum.

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Uninstalling is simple. Double-click the setup-bg1ub.exe file and enter the given commands for Uninstallation.
Afterwards, you may delete the following files:

  • setup-bg1ub.exe
  • setup-bg1ub.tp2
  • setup-bg1ub.debug
  • and the contents of the "bg1ub" subfolder

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We are striving to make BG1 Unfinished Business compatible with as many other mods as possible. Some BG1 Unfinished Business components contain checks for BG1 NPC Project and Northern Tales of the Sword Coast to prevent mod conflicts. Currently there are no other known incompatibilities with Tutu or BGT mods.

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Q: What do I need to use this mod?
A: This version of BG1 Unfinished Business will require BG1, BG1Tutu or Baldur's Gate Trilogy.

Q: Where did you find the information on these cut quests?
A: Most of our information came from from delving deep in the dialogue and script files for the game. There are many remnants of creatures and conversations that hint at things that were planned, but never implemented.

Q: Why did you decide to develop this mod?
A: The inspiration behind this mod's development springs from my borderline obsessive-compulsive desire for things to be complete. After the success of the Unfinished Business mod for Baldur's Gate II, making the equivalent for the initial game in the Baldur's Gate series seemed like a logical next step.

Q: Who is behind Unfinished Business's development?
A: The mod was started by myself, Erik Manning (a.k.a. icelus). After I publicly announced my desire to begin the mod, help came flooding in from people like SimDing0, devSin, SixOfSpades, and many others. This mod, like its BG2 predecessor, is truly a community effort.

Q: What items have been restored with this mod?
A: There were actually less than we initially believed, but as of the current release, the restored items are as follows:

  • RING

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Q: Will there be spoilers in this section soon?
A: Of course!

Q: Where can I find the Restored Items?
A: We tried to place the items in places that made at least a little sense. None of them should be too difficult to find. Nevertheless, here is the list:

  • BOLT OF POLYMORPHING - Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn, Erdane, Sorcerous Sundries
  • BRACERS - AR3300 "Beregost": Container 1, Kivan, Coran, Friendly Arm Inn, Candlekeep Inn, Jovial Juggler, General Store, Nashkel Store, Thunderhammer Smithy
  • CLUB +1, +3 VS. UNNATURAL CREATURES ("The Root of the Problem") - AR1602 "Druid Tree": Amarande, the Arch Druid
  • DUSTY BOOK - AR0512 "Durlag's Tower": Containers 18 and 26
  • HEAVY CROSSBOW +1 - Friendly Arm Inn
  • HENTOLD'S DAGGER - AR5000: Hentold
  • HISTORY OF WATERDEEP - AR2608 "Candlekeep Library": Container 10
  • NECKLACE - Random Treasure Table
  • RING - Random Treasure Table
  • SCIMITAR +1 - AR5300: Sendai Argrim
  • SCROLL OF ANIMATE DEAD - Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn
  • SCROLL OF CHAOTIC COMMANDS - Lady's Hall, Temple of Wisdom
  • SCROLL OF CONE OF COLD - Random Scroll Table
  • SCROLL OF CURE CRITICAL WOUNDS - Temple of Wisdom, Song of the Morning
  • SCROLL OF FLAME STRIKE - AR0506 "Durlag's Tower": Bishop, AR5000: Lamalha, The Watchful Shield, Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn
  • SCROLL OF POLYMORPH OTHER - Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn
  • SCROLL OF RAISE DEAD - Hight Hall of Wonders, Oghma Temple, Song of the Morning, Temple of Helm, Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn
  • SCROLL OF SHADOW DOOR - Ulgoth's Beard Store and Inn
  • SPEAR +3, BACKBITER - AR5201 "Firewine Ruins": Undead Knight

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BG1 Unfinished Business is copyright 2006 by Erik Manning (aka icelus)


BG1 Unfinished Business is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare or Interplay/Black Isle.
All images and contents of this mod are copyright BioWare, Interplay/Black Isle or Wizards of the Coast.

REDISTRIBUTION NOTE: BG1 Unfinished Business was created to be freely enjoyed by all Baldur's Gate gamers. BG1 Unfinished Business, however, may not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without the consent of its authors.

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Many people are to be thanked for their support of this mod.

First and foremost, we'd like to thank BioWare and Black Isle for supplying us with such an enjoyable PC game. We would also like to thank the Infinity Engine community as a whole for their ongoing dedication and support of the Baldur's Gate series.

On a more personal level, we would like to thank the following individuals for their assistance with this mod:

  • The conversion of the mod from BG1 to Tutu and BGT was performed by Ascension64.
  • A huge thanks goes out to devSin, SimDing0, and SixOfSpades for helping with much of the coding and content for the mod. Without you guys, the mod would likely still be vaporware.
  • Special thanks goes out to Ascension64, Dudley, Idobek, CamDawg, and Macready for their lending us the use of their various components.
  • SixOfSpades, Echon, Idobek, Andyr, Salk, NiGHTMARE, Bex, Hendryk, Caedwyr, Ghreyfain, Marauder, Finellach, Demonious, Drew, amazinggameguru, and many others for providing invaluable input
  • CamDawg, SimDing0, devSin, Andyr, and Idobek for their patience and assistance with our technical problems
  • Immortality of ClanDLAN and IronFistedGiant for the Spanish and French translations, respectively
  • Westley Weimer, TheBigg, the DragonLance TC team, Jon Olav Hauglid, and Dmitry Jemerov for the invaluable tools they have developed for the modding community
  • Salk, Aran, LoneRogue, and ElfBane for their help in beta testing
  • Jason Compton and the Pocket Plane Group for hosting the mod and providing us with a development and support forum

Below are links to community-related sites:




The Pocket Plane Group modding community


The Gibberlings Three modding community


Infinity Engine Modlist


BioWare Forums


Near Infinity






Infinity Explorer

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Version BETA1 (8 April, 2006) - Initial BETA Release

Version BETA2 (29 April, 2006) - Second BETA Release

Version 1 (7 May, 2006) - Initial Public Release

  • Initial public release of the mod
  • Components include: Ice Island Level Two Restoration, The Mysterious Vial, Additional Elminster Encounter, Angelo Notices Shar-teel, Finishable Kagain Caravan Quest, Coran and the Wyverns, Kivan and Tazok, Branwen and Tranzig, Safana the Flirt, Appropriate Albert and Rufie Reward, Place Entar Silvershield in His Home, Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter, Quoningar, the Cleric, Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi, Edie, the Merchant League Applicant, Flaming Fist Mercenary Reinforcements, Creature Corrections, Creature Restorations, Creature Name Restorations, Minor Dialogue Restorations, Audio Restorations, Store, Tavern and Inn Fixes and Restorations, Item Corrections and Restorations, Area Corrections and Restorations, Permanent Corpses, Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Immunity, The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections, Sarevok's Diary Corrections

Version 2 (14 May, 2006)

  • Fixed a typo in the journal entry for Quoningar's quest ('bring'-->'bringing')
  • Error with fixing STO1115 in the Store, Tavern, and Inn Corrections component (copy command did not include .sto extension)
  • Transferred changes to other TotSC creature dialog files to the u!totscminor.d so that non-TotSC installs won't fail
  • Fixed a coding error that would cause Dezkiel to spawn twice on the Ice Island
  • Corrected various readme typos

Version 3 (29 May, 2006)

  • Spanish translation (Thanks, Immortality!)
  • French translation (Thanks, IronFistedGiant!)
  • Added a girdle to Ajantis and Kagain


  • Gave Marl a crushing damage item instead of a short sword
  • Tweaked the coding of the body placements in the Scar component
  • Removed the girdle and bracers from Erdane's store and Ulgoth's Beard
  • Removed Aldeth's "blur" ring
  • Changed Scar's dialog so that he takes the ring before he takes the body or sends the party back to fetch the body


  • Fixed a typo in Sarevok's diary: "had"-->"has"
  • Fixed a typo in Vial quest: "Nashkell"-->"Nashkel"
  • Fixed typo on Scar's quest: "Sashenstar's" --> "Sashenstars'"
  • Fixed a bug where Arkion wouldn't take the female body from the party's inventory

Version 4 (Dawn of the Ding0)

  • Item Corrections and Restorations now restore numerous unused item graphics


  • Edited Arkion's dialog so he recognizes the noble's body
  • Assigned the Halfling Enforcers a script allowing them to initiate dialogue
  • Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise no longer show up in Tazok's tent
  • Drastically reduced the availability of Bolts of Polymorphing
  • Reduced the availability of restored high-level scrolls


  • Racial immunities no longer crash the game in some situations
  • The Scar component should now install correctly
  • Safana's Flirt ability is no longer erroneously assigned to rangers
  • Resolved issue which would prevent Avarice from reappearing correctly
  • Fixed a bug involving Alvahendar's store in Gullykin
  • Fixed wrong gold amount given in Edie quest
  • Removed Corianna's script to initiate dialogue which could prevent the game from being saved while in the area
  • Bunsen's dialogue responses are no longer duplicated

Version 5 (Ascension64 Dabbles)

  • Added Italian translation (by Andrea Colombo)


  • Sarevok's Diary Corrections now contains amended dates for the diary contents only


  • Corrected addition of Cone of Cold scroll drop to the random scroll treasure table
  • Corrected adjustment of WOLFWE class from werewolf to wolfwere
  • Fixed installation issues on BG1 without TotSC
  • Fixed bird scripts
  • Ghost Knight rare selection sounds of a shrieking Eagle no longer 'restored'
  • The Root of the Problem now works correctly
  • Updated Finishable Kagain Quest


  • Added placeholders for installation of all components
  • Added ToTSC check for Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Resistance
  • Removed redundant and erroneous \t regexps
  • Revised coding of Appropriate Albert/Rufie Reward
  • Reworked coding of "Minor Dialogue Restorations" component

Version 6 (Return of the Ding0)

  • Baresh no longer erroneously transforms into Kaishas Gan
  • Further corrected Root of the Problem
  • Failed stealing from the Jovial Juggler now turns the bartender hostile

Version 7 (The Saga Coalesces)

  • Added German translation (by Timothy)
  • Updated Castilian translation (by Immortality - www.clandlan.net)
  • Updated French translation (by Isaya and ForeverDream)
  • Minor Dialogue Restorations now features major consistency improvements to Chapter 7 dialogue
  • Now a combined BG1, Tutu, BGT installer


  • Corrected Cultist death variables
  • Fixed Hobgoblin (HOBGO5) with no set dialogue
  • Hobgoblin (HOBGO5) doesn't escape area if you provoke a fight, and no longer uses INITDLG to start dialogue
  • Fixed REPLACE_ACTION_TEXT in stores (ubstores.d)
  • Recoded Finishable Kagain Caravan quest component
  • Fixed WEIGHTs for ubscar.
  • Fixed bug where Arkion would not take a body after it was delivered
  • Fixed FAI Serving Wench not spawning correctly
  • 'Nixed' Aldeth's ring of blur
  • Nobleman (NOBL9) now has 2 gold to give to the player
  • Edie now has 50 gold to reward the player
  • Fixed patching of Baresh


  • Made Coran's wyverns unique
  • Robe of Electrical Resistance (CLCK11) now correctly gives electricity resistance
  • Potion of Freedom (POTN45) now gives immunity to hold creature but not charm creature (ineffectual in BGT and Tutu)
  • Corrected misleading readme description of Coran and the Wyverns component
  • Blink Dog (DOGBLINK) now has a real bite

Version 8 (It)

  • Added German translation (by Timothy)


  • Fixed Blink Dog
  • Fixed installation on vanilla BG1
  • Fixed non-translated dialogue for Kagain


  • CamDawg's Inventory Checker changes don't replace items added by other modifications

Version 9 (Damage Control)

  • Fixed typo that could cause problems installing Scar and the Sashenstar's daughter on modded installations

Version 10

  • Added Russian translation (aerie.ru, Darktech)
  • Revised Italian translation (Stone Angel, ilot)

Version 11

  • Angelo now properly kills some player, not just Player2, so that Player2 already being dead does not result in no death
  • Fixed a problem with the party not being transferred to jail in Angelo notices Shar-Teel component
  • Fixed a stutter bug for Coran in the specific scenario that: (i) the player has killed the specific wyverns for the quest, (ii) Coran's timer runs out , and (iii) the player has not yet killed any standard non-specific wyverns yet


  • Placeholder file is now 1 byte to allow detection by FILE_EXISTS_*
  • Updated compatibility checks for BG1NPC components to be in line with v18

Version 12

  • Added Polish translation (Barek)
  • Revised German translation (Leomar)
  • Updated to WeiDU v215

Version 13


  • Imoen portrait patching now checks whether another portrait was assigned
  • Assigns the SIL script as General script instead of Class script (component "Creature Corrections") to ensure compatibility with "The Lure of the Sirine's Call"
  • Shilo Chen Ogre spawn fixed (Tutu version)
  • Corrected the tp2 so that the Tanar'ri sound fix checks for the right game (BG and BGT versions).
  • Component "Item Corrections and Restorations": Corrected sound reference for Bolt of Lightning
  • added check for Dudley Fix to prevent the wife in Beregost (house next to Jovial Juggler, AR3327) giving two rings if charmed.


  • For the component "Elven Charm & Sleep Racial Resistance" added check to prevent installation if already installed via BGII fixpack.
  • Scar quest extention more extended (component "Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter"), by jastey: making the ring a unique item, add more reply options that enable to restart the Scar quests if denied at the bridge, added reply options where missing to be able to return to the quests if not finished. Includes fixes of quest rewards. New lines translated by: Salk (Italian), Isaya (French), Ancalagon el Negro (Spanish), Bartek (Polish), prowler (Russian), jastey (German).
  • corrected readme (new Polish translation was wrongly announced as Russian translation); mixed up family name for component L (Silvershield instead of Sashenstar)
  • Files "ppglogofinal.ico" and "bg1ubplaceholder" moved from the backup-folder into the general bg1ub folder
  • Spanish translation completed and proof-read (by Ancalagon el Negro)
  • Ajantis sound fix German version: written lines corrected to the spoken ones of the sound files.
  • Journal entry corrections (by Jarl): sorting to SOLVED / UNSOLVED and adding title headers. For the components "Edie, the Merchant League Applicant", "Quoningar, the Cleric", "Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi", "The Mysterious Vial" (BGT and Tutu versions). New lines translated by: Salk (Italian), Isaya (French), Ancalagon el Negro (Spanish), Promilus (Polish), arcanecoast.ru team (Russian), jastey (German).
  • Changes to the audio restorations of the core changes: Inclusion of audio files into the main mod (no separate download for other languages). For BGT, they will not be installed (all files already imported to BGT). For Tutu they were reduced to the audio files not present in BGII.
  • "Corianna, the Petrified Ranger": Reward unified to 100 XP and a potion of mirrored eyes (Creature restorations)
  • Revised Russian translation (arcanecoast.ru team). Sound references in "extra_tmp.tra" are unified (formerly missing the Tutu-recognition)
  • Updated to WeiDU v231

Version 13.1


  • "Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter": corrected the OUTER_SPRINT to %tutu_scriptbg%MISC79.ITM. Now the correct file BGMISC79 for the body is used instead of a replica of "Raissa's skin" (MISC79) (BGT).
  • Made the expanded Winter Wolf Pelt's description visible (by Hurricane).
  • Fix of Store fixes, provided by Miloch
  • Fixes to Fix of Store fixes for BGT and Tutu, provided by Hurricane. New lines provided by Hurricane (English, German), Cahir (Polish), Silent (Russian), jastey (Italian, French, Spanish, extracted from BG:EE)


  • Improved German translation by Hurricane: Corrected all German sound reference strings to match the audio. Corrected all German tra files, revised some translations.
  • Correction of the weight in the expanded Wyvern Head's description (all languages) (by Hurricane).
  • BGT: Installation of The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections is skipped completely (BGT already covers this).
  • Finishing of the audio restorations of the core changes: Polish audio files provided by Promilus. German audio files tuned down to BGII-sound level by Hurricane.
  • New Component: Prism and the Emeralds Tweak, by plainab. New lines translated by: Salk (Italian), Cahir (Polish), Isaya (French), Silent (Russian), jastey (German, proofreading by Hurricane), Immortality/ClanDLAN (Spanish)
  • New Component: Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building, by Balquo and jastey. New line translated by: Cahir (Polish), Isaya (French), jastey (German, English), Salk (Italian), Immortality/ClanDLAN (Spanish)
  • Edited Russian translation by aerie.ru & Darktech (now maintained by arcanecoast.ru team)
  • Update to WeiDU v236

Please see bg1ub.txt for release notes pertaining to your specific platform.

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