Baldur's Gate II & BG1Tutu

Ding0's Tweak Pack

Version 20


  • Section I: Components
  • Section II: Installation
  • Section III: Known Issues
  • Section IV: Credits
  • Section V: Version History

    Section I - Components

    D0Tweak is a collection is miscellaneous enhancements for BG2 (with or without ToB) and BG1Tutu. Components which apply to Tutu are marked as such in green below.

    1: Enhanced Goodberries (BG1Tutu Compatible!)
    The Goodberries spell was effectively useless in the original game. The ability to consume an item in combat and heal 1 hit point is pointless when you're level 30.
    This component causes the amount of hit points healed by Goodberries to increase with levels. The progression is as follows:

    LevelHit Points Healed
    3 (or less)1

    2: Corrected Summonned Demon Behaviour
    This component alters the AI of summonned demons, causing them to behave less predictably, but at the same time, more realistically (ie. Baatezu will attack Tanar'ri). The alignments of the summonned demon CREs are corrected by this component, but ideally, this component should be used with the Alignment Fixes included in the Oversight mod.

    3: Corrected Demon Animations
    Throughout SoA, it seems that Bioware were unable to decide what animations they should use for various demons. This attempts to rectify this by standardising the use of animations. All Glabrezru in SoA now use the new animation that shipped with ToB. All Pit Fiends now use the "raver" or Ravager animation (for lack of one fitting the PnP description more closely), and all Balor now use the winged demon animation.
    Although the changes in this component only affects SoA (the animation choices in ToB were more sane), the Glabrezru animation changes will only occur if you have ToB installed.

    4: Reintroduce Dimension Door
    This component reintroduces Dimension Door into the game as a spell usable by the player. Sorcerors can learn it as normal, and scrolls are added to two stores throughout the game (one in SoA and one in ToB). Note that Dimension Door can potentially break the game (this was presumably why it was removed in the first place), so be careful how you use it.

    5: Tweaked Weapon Enchantments
    This component changes the enchantments of several creature weapons in the game. Planetars and Devas now wield +4 weapons, Wraith Sarevok now wields a +3 weapon (removing the exploit of gaining immunity to normal and +1 weapons before facing him), and the Totemic Druid's Spirit Animals all gain +2 weapon enchantment.
    The result of this is that Planetars and Devas will become slightly more effective, Wraith Sarevok will become slightly tougher, and Spirit Animals will become slightly more useful.

    6: Additional Racial Enemies
    This component reintroduces some of the racial enemies that were available in BG1 but no longer so in BG2. It also adds some new racial enemy options which were not previously available, so that the majority of the creatures you will encounter during the course of the game are covered.

    7: Summoning Limit Removal
    This component does exactly what it says on the box: removes the summonning limit. All anti-summon spells should function as normal. Note that an increased number of creatures on the screen may increase BG2's system requirements beyond those of the default game.

    Note that the limit of one celestial in ToB is unaffected.

    8: PnP Celestial Fury
    This component does NOT modify the abilities of Celestial Fury to make it more closely in line with its PnP equivalent. It does, however, add one of the features of the PnP incarnation which was absent in BG2: Now, if someone is wielding Celestial Fury in an outdoor area, it will begin to rain. Simple as that.

    9: Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fix
    Removed! This component is now a part of the BG2 Fixpack at G3. (
    This is Ghrey's old Holy Symbol Fix converted to WeiDU. Basically, it makes the granting of Holy Symbols in the game a bit more logical. Aerie gets the symbol of Baervan, Viconia gets the symbol of Shar, and Anomen gains the symbol of Helm even when lawful good (he used to get Lathander's).

    10: Kill Cespenar
    This component allows you to kill Cespenar. Oh come on, it's fun.

    11: Smarter Illusionary Clones
    Removed! This component is now a part of the AI Improvements in Quest Pack. (
    This component makes enemy Mislead, Project Image and Simulacrum images behave more intelligently. They will actually move, for a start. They do not gain any abilities they did not previously have.

    12: Avenger's Visual Ioun Stones
    This component is largely the product of Avenger's hard work. All credit for animations and bit discoveries go to him. With it installed, characters wearing ioun stones will have an animation displayed circling their head to indicate it. Colours vary according to that of the stone.

    Avenger would like it noted that the following things are fairly cool: - The Glory of Istar total conversion - The DLTCEP editing tool - The GemRB engine emulator

    This component should be installed AFTER the BG2 Tweak Pack from G3.

    13: Dual Class Wild Mages
    Removed! This component is now a part of the BG2 Tweak Pack at G3. (
    This component allows Wild Mages to dual-class.

    14: Kensai Ryu's Restored Drow Innate Abilities
    This modification restores the Drow (dark elves) innate AD&D abilities to them, but only in the underdark, as drow lose those abilities when going to the surface.


  • Globe of Darkness
  • Dancing Lights
  • Faerie Fire

    Globe of Darkness:
    The target creature must save vs. spells or be under the influence of a Globe of Darkness and suffer from blindness until the globe is dispelled or it dissipates naturally. Globes last 1 round for every two levels of the drow to a maximum of 6 rounds at level 10.

    Improved Globe of Darkness:
    The target creature must save vs. spells or be under the influence of a Globe of Darkness and suffer from blindness until the globe is dispelled or it dissipates naturally. Globes last 1 round for every two levels of the drow to a maximum of 6 rounds at level 10. This version has a more severe save vs. spell bonus, and is only used by higher level drow.

    Dancing Lights:
    This spell distracts the target creature if they fail a save vs. spell. The distraction costs the creature a +2 penalty to THAC0 for 3 rounds, or until dispelled.

    Faerie Fire:
    This spell outlines the target creature in a white fire, if they fail a save vs. spell costing the target creature a +2 penalty to AC for 6 rounds, or until dispelled.

    This component is the result of Kensai Ryu's hard work. All praise may be directed his way, but bug reports or other technical queries should be sent to SimDing0.

    15: Jaysyn's Displacer Beasts
    Removed! This component is now a part of the Miscellaneous Enhancements component of Quest Pack. (
    This component uses creatures originally created by Jaysyn. It introduces Displacer Beasts, creatures listed in AD&D source material, but not present in BG2. The beasts, and their cousins, Greater Displacer Beasts, are residents of the Underdark, and supposedly able to appear in several places at once while attacking.
    I have repackaged the creatures, and modified the Underdark resting spawns to include them.
    Jaysyn can be contacted at

    16: Remove Quayle Portrait
    This component removes Quayle's portrait from BG2. "Why?" I hear you cry. Quayle was the only non-joinable or non-plot-significant character in BG2 to have a portrait displayed during dialogue. Therefore, for consistency, it may be removed.

    17: Dream Flag
    There is a way to make areas turn a surreal... brown. This component uses it for the dream sequences in BG2, making them look that little bit more unusual. It's probably not for everybody.

    18: Sensible Lore Table (BG1Tutu Compatible!)
    This component modifies the lore table to make more sense. The new per-level values are as follows:


    Wisdom bonuses have also been tweaked minorly to improve the gradient with respect to the average value of 10/11 for any stat.

    19: The_Bigg's Improved Backstabbing (BG1Tutu Compatible!)
    In vanilla BG2, backstabbing worked with any weapons usable by pure-class thieves.
    This component does not modify this behaviour. However, it introduces restrictions when backstabbing with larger weapons. The backstab modifier is reduced as follows:

    Bastard Swords-2
    Long Swords/Katanas-1
    Two-Handed Swords-3
    Quarter Staves-4

    Note that this will have a greater impact when used with the Ashes of Embers "Universal Weapons" component.
    Dual-wielding will apply the penalty of BOTH weapons.
    This component was coded by the_bigg.

    20: Summons/NPCs Set Off Traps (BG1Tutu Compatible!)
    This modifies traps throughout BG2 (or Tutu) to be triggered by creatures outside the party, be they friendly or hostile. This allows you, for example, to trigger traps by sending summons through them.
    Illusions, Wizard Eyes, Shadows, Mists and Air Elementals will not trigger traps.
    This component may cause issues with the Improved Ilyich component of the Tactics mod. With that component installed, Ilyich can potentially wander over fatal traps.

    21: CamDawg's Reduced Walking Speeds
    Removed! This component is now a part of the BG2 Tweak Pack at G3. (
    This component adjusts the walking speeds of creatures in BG2 to bring them in line with those of BG1Tutu's walking speed tweak. The new speed is somewhere between that of vanilla BG1 and BG2. Among other things, this alteration should make archers more effective throughout the game.

    22: Ghreyfain's BG1-Style Summoning Spells (BG1Tutu Compatible!)
    One of the first things that can be noticed in BG2 is how very weak the Monster Summoning X spells are. This component strives to bring things more in-line with how they were in BG1. Monster Summoning I will summon either 8 level 1 creatures, or 4 level 2 monsters. Monster Summoning II summons a total of 12 levels of monsters. That's either 6 level 2 monsters or 4 level 3 monsters. MS III will summon 16 levels. 5 level 3 creatures and a 1 level 1, or 4 level 4s, or 3 level 5s and a level 1 creature.
    Animal summoning works in the same manner.
    Animate Dead will summon 1 skeleton per level of the caster, and now they come equipped with a random variety of helms, shields, and weapons. They're also not green. At level 13, some of these skeletons are exchanged for a Skeleton Warrior, a more powerful ally.
    This component will automatically remove the summoning cap if you have not already done so.

    Have any thoughts on the mod? Head over to the forum at,10.0.html. Guest posting is enabled for the shy. Alternatively, e-mail me at

    Section II - Installation

    ToB may be required for some components. D0Tweak should work fine with other WeiDU mods (including all of those created by the Pocket Plane team).

    D0Tweak should be installed after most (ideally all) other mods.

    Unzip the main ZIP file into your BGII main directory. This is normally:
    C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\

    Run (click on) "Setup-D0Tweak.exe".

    First, pick your favorite language. Currently available:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • German
  • Japanese

    Then choose which components you would like to install. They are all optional. You may always uninstall any or all of them later by re-running "Setup-D0Tweak.exe".

    D0Tweak may work correctly without starting a new game, but it is strongly recommended that you do so.

    The components should install correctly for international players who have both DIALOG.TLK and DIALOGF.TLK.

    Section III - Known Issues

    - Currently, the Reduced Walking Speeds component will cause issues with shapeshifted characters. I am working to resolve this.

    Please report any other issues found to SimDing0.

    Section IV - Credits

    Many thanks to everyone involved in making and contributing to this mod. If there are any omissions to this list, please inform me.

    SimDing0Lead Developer
    Kensai Ryu
    Component Authors
    (see above)
    Coding Support
    Westley WeimerAuthor of WeiDU
    Jon Olav HauglidAuthor of Near Infinity

    The best IE mods to date can be found at Pocket Plane Group and Gibberlings Three. Both are well worth a visit.

    Section V - Version History

    Version 1
    - Initial release.

    Version 2
    - Added Additional Racial Enemies component.
    - Added Summonning Cap Removal component.

    Version 3
    - Added PnP Celestial Fury component.

    Version 4
    - French translation by RaphaŽl Mizrahi.

    Version 5
    - Spanish translation by Bhasbuto (Clan DLAN).

    Version 6
    - Added Ghrey's Holy Symbol Fix (English only).

    Version 7
    - Fixed issue with Viconia's symbol and alignment change.

    Version 8
    - Added Kill Cespenar component.

    Version 9
    - PnP Celestial Fury works with Item Upgrade.
    - Lengthened PnP Celestial Fury rain timer.
    - Removed, um, error in the version history. :)

    Version 10
    - Added Smarter Illusionary Clones component.

    Version 11
    - Smarter Illusionary Clones installs correctly. Sigh.

    Version 12
    - Added Visual Ioun Stones component.
    - Scripts work properly with summons component.
    - Improved placement of Dimension Door.
    - Added Dual Class Wild Mages component.
    - Added Kensai Ryu's Restored Drow Innate Abilities.
    - Added Jaysyn's Displacer Beasts.
    - Added Remove Quayle Portrait component.

    Version 13
    - Various bugfixes for holy symbols, and new icons.
    - Ioun stones now less generally obnoxious.
    - Weapon enchantments really work this time.
    - Added German translation (Tanis Eichenblatt).
    - Added Dream Flag component.

    Version 14
    - Added Sensible Lore Table component.
    - Added Improved Backstabbing component.
    - Added NPCs/Summons Set Off Traps component.
    - Added Slower Walking Speeds component. (Cam)

    Version 15
    - Updated Spanish translation. (Other language users need not update.)

    Version 16
    - Walking speed fix no longer stacks on player characters, and only applies to playable avatars. Shapeshifting still causes problems. Gah! Fix forthcoming, but at least this version installs.
    - Added Japanese translation.
    - Improved Backstabbing no longer breaks weapon abilities. Oops! (the_bigg)

    Version 17
    - Added BG1-Style Summoning Spells.
    - Resolved some cases where enemies would inappropriately set off traps.
    - Should install over non-ToB installs without error.

    Version 18
    - BG1-Style Summoning Spells work. Oops. :(

    Version 19
    - Updated French translation by Matt and Graoumf.

    Version 20
    - Summoned skeletons now have equipment and immunities.
    - Animate Dead may now summon zombies as well as skeletons, and upgrades to summon skeleton warriors.
    - Animal Summoning III is now affected by BG1-Style Summons.
    - Beast Master versions of Animal Summoning spells are now affected by BG1-style Summons.
    - Summoned hobgoblins are now no longer all called Gerg. Sigh.
    - Summoning Cap Removal will now patch other mods if appropriate. (pro5)
    - Broken down installation options for NPCs/Summons Set Off Traps.
    - Install issues with PSIONIC _SUPERIOR_INVISIBILITY should no longer be an issue.