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Beta Version 5 – January 31st, 2005

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Tutufix Authors: Ghreyfain (

SimDing0 (

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Andyr (


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System Requirements

Official Patch Locations







Programs Used



Known Bugs

Version History


System Requirements


You will need a *full* install of Baldur’s Gate (and TotSC if you have it) with the latest patch applied and at least a recommended install of BGII with the latest patch applied.


Also, you will need approximately 64MB of hard drive space free in order to run the converter and have everything copied over and backed up.


NEW: The Tutufix bug components are now included in the BG1Tutu archive.  It is automatically run at the end of the BG1Tutu install.


Official Patch Locations


To make it as easy as possible, I’ve listed the patch locations for the various possible installations of BG and BGII below.


Note: If you have Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga, you don’t have to worry about installing any of the Baldur’s Gate/TotSC patches.


Baldur’s Gate


Baldur’s Gate + TotSC


Baldur’s Gate II


Baldur’s Gate II : Throne of Bhaal




The idea for BG1Tutu came about around April of 2003 in #fwp on


Ghreyfain, Kish and I figured that if Wes could transform BGII into IWDII, then transforming BG into BGII should be peanuts.


Well.  It was and it wasn’t.


The first three months were spent constantly bugging Weimer to code this and that for our needs.  Since Wes is a pretty busy guy, we weren’t really getting anywhere at all.  (The efforts on Wes’ behalf are definitely appreciated though, don’t get me wrong).


Finally, I decided to begin learning Ocaml and I began tweaking the code for IWG2 to be used to convert BG1 -> BGII.


And well, this is the result.


I’m considering the project to be in beta stage now, but I strongly believe that beta should only last around a month (Hah!  Here we are a a year and a half later. J ) at the most.  (Knock on wood.)


With a download size of 1.68MB can you really go wrong?




Note #1: You must install both games on the same partition for BG1Tutu to work.  So, you can’t have BGII on your C:\ drive and BG1 on your D:\ drive.


Note #2: You have to keep your BG1 or BG1 + TotSC install after installing BG1Tutu because we use resources from the BG1/BG1 + TotSC install.


Note #3: It’s confirmed that Dark Side of the Sword Coast *does not* work with BG1Tutu.


1)     If you haven't already, perform a Full Install of BG1. This could mean BG1, BG1 plus TotSC, or BG: The Original Saga, depending on what you've bought.

2)     Apply the BG1 patch from Bioware *only* if you do not have BG: The Original Saga.

3)     If you haven't already, perform a Recommended or Full install of BG2. Throne of Bhaal is supported but not required.

4)     Depending on what you have installed, apply the BG2 patch or ToB Patch from Bioware.

5)     Extract bg1tutu_v(x).exe to your BGII directory.  (Where x is the version number you’ve downloaded.)

6)     Open up the file called “configuration” using your text editor of choice (Notepad, Wordpad, PFE, etc.) which will be inside the bg1tutu directory located in your BGII directory.

7)     Change the source path to your BG directory and the target path to your BGII directory.  For instance, if my BG1 install was located at c:\games\BG1 and my BGII install was located at c:\games\BGII, here’s what the top of the configuration file would look like after I’d altered it:

     ~source~         [ ~C:\games\BG1~ ]

     ~source.variant~ [ ~BG1~ ]


     ~target~         [ ~C:\games\BGII~ ]

     ~target.variant~ [ ~BG2~ ]

8)     Install any BG1 mods/upgrades that you will want to use in your BG1 directory. 

Note: Most WeiDU based mods *should* convert correctly.

9)     Double-click bg1tutu.exe (it will be in your BGII directory) and let it run.

10) At the very start you are prompted to install Dudleyville Bugfixes, Dudleyville Music Fixes and the Dudleyville English Language Text Update.  It’s recommended that you say yes to all of these.

11) Just follow along after this and make whichever choices you wish.

12) Once BG1Tutu has finished installing, it will automatically *uninstall* the Dudleyville fixes that were installed in your BG1 directory and then it will run setup-tutufix.exe.  It is *strongly* recommended* you install at least the  core bugfixes component.

13) If you want BG music, copy BG’s music folder into your BGII directory.  (Make sure to rename BGII’s music folder to something else first so that you don’t overwrite BGII’s music.)

14) Play BG1Tutu by running “bgmain.exe” in your BG2 folder.

15) Have fun, you made it!


Uninstalling (Reverting back to BGII)


1)     Run bg1tutu_restore.exe, which is located in your BGII directory.

2)     Delete bg1tutu_restore.log.

3)     Play BGII normally.

4)     Optional: If you want to *completely* get rid of everything, then also delete the following files after running bg1tutu_restore.exe:

·         bg1tutu folder

·         bg1tutu.exe

·         bg1tutu_restore.exe

·         setup-tutufix.exe

·         setup-tutufix.tp2

·         setup-dudleyfix.tp2

·         BG1Tutu_Readme.htm (the file that you’re reading)




Note: Updating is *not* recommended, but if you insist, here’s what you can do:


1)     First make sure that your original override directory, dialog.tlk, chitin.key, bgmain.exe and baldur.ini’s are in the bg1tutu/backup directory.

2)     If they are all there (and they should be), do the Uninstall steps detailed above (including number 4, it’s not optional for updating purposes).

3)     Extract the new version that you downloaded into your BGII directory.

4)     Re-run bg1tutu.exe.




With a project of this size and magnitude, bugs are invariably going to pop up.  Luckily quite a few of the bugs have already been squished during our extensive alpha testing phase.


If you have a bug to report, please read this thread first, it details bug reporting rules.  Next, create a thread in the Bugs forum and I’ll (hopefully) fix it as soon as I can.


I usually don’t like using “rules”, however, if you follow the rules, then the bugs will be solved quicker and well, that’s what we all want right?




First and foremost, I must thank Wes Weimer for giving me a foundation on which to build on and for helping me out with various code issues.  I know for a fact that if I had to start from scratch I would have been hopelessly lost.


Next I’ll give “mad props” to Ghreyfain, SimDing0, Camdawg and Andyr for their efforts in continuing to fix BG1Tutu bugs while I’ve been away and out of commission.


I’d also like to thank JP (Dudley) of for letting me include his Dudleyville fixes with the BG1Tutu archive.


Also, I have to give a big thanks to all my initial alpha testers.  They’re the ones that made the version you have now as bug free as it is.  They are, in no particular order:



If I’ve forgotten anyone, I apologize!


Finally, I also have to thank Jon Olav Hauglid for creating Near Infinity.  It has been an invaluable tool for this project.


Programs Used


Here is a list of programs I used for BG1Tutu:



I might be missing one or two things, but those are the main ones.




IE modding is still going strong and looks like it’s here to stay.  Here are some links that I recommend checking out:





Q: Hey, how come the water is an ugly green colour?


A: This is *supposed* to be handled by the converter, however, if you are seeing green water, go into BGII’s BGConfig and disable 3D Acceleration.


Q: How come when I go to some areas the game immediately crashes?


A: You *absolutely* must do a full install of BG or BG + TotSC in order for BG1Tutu to work correctly.  When you’re doing a full install of BG, you have to click the custom button and then check off all the boxes.  Also, you can’t just uninstall BG or BG + TotSC after installing BG1Tutu because we still use resources in your BG install.


Q: When I double-click bg1tutu.exe, it just flashes and then stops.  I thought this was going to take 3 to 6 minutes?


A: Make sure you have your paths set correctly in the configuration file.  If you’re BG/BG + TotSC install was in C:\games\BG and your BGII/BGII + ToB install was in c:\games\BGII, this is what the top of your configuration file should look like:


~source~         [ ~C:\games\BG~ ]

~source.variant~ [ ~BG1~ ]


~target~         [ ~C:\games\BGII ~ ]

~target.variant~ [ ~BG2~ ]


Q: Can I install BGII mods and play BG with some of the advantages?


A: Yes and no.  It depends on the mod in question.  If the mod was just a mod that added a kit, then yes, you could install it and have the kit as a possible choice while playing through BG1Tutu.  However, if the mod was a custom NPC mod like Kelsey or any type of mod that requires you to be playing BGII in order to play it, then no, you won’t be able to access any part of the mod.

It’s best to install any BGII specific mods *after* you’ve played through BG1Tutu and ran bg1tutu_restore.exe.


I’ll list more FAQs here as I think of them.


Known Bugs



Version History


January 31/2005: v5 Beta released

* I’ve changed it so that it now says “Baldur’s Gate – Tales of the Sword Coast” at the top of the BGII window instead of “Baldur’s Gate II – Shadows of Amn – Throne of Bhaal”.

* Dudleyfix components are now included with the archive and are run *right* at the beginning of BG1Tutu.

* Updated the installer to automatically run setup-tututfix.exe after BG1Tutu has been installed.

* Changed the way bg1tutu_restore.exe works.  We no longer worry about splicing in CHARNAME into the final save.

* Fixed an ugliness problem in FW0508.

* Fixed the bug where BG1Tutu would think that you’re running it from the wrong directory because of case-sensitive string comparing.

* Fixed the problem where BG1Tutu would fail when looking for RNDEQUIP.2DA in a BG-only install.

* Changed a few lines of code so that BG1tutu would compile with the latest version of Ocaml and WeiDU.

* Updated the Readme.


October 3/2003: v4 Beta released

* Fixed a problem with the description for Boots of Stealth.

* Fixed a problem where I had removed Minsc’s berserk ability.

* Fixed a problem where all LastTalkedToBy objects were being converted to Protagonist.

* Fixed a problem where all SetGlobals were being pulled to the front of script blocks, thus preventing certain quests from progressing (like Melincamp).

* Fixed the Spider’s Bane quest.

* Hopefully HP problems are fixed once and for all now.

* Fixed the “click-talk kickout” problems.

* Alora now spouts here line when you click on her rabbit’s foot.

* Fixed up the unspecialized Xzar kit option.

* The merchant guild doppelganger quest should now work properly.

* Familiars now have advice lines that fit with the BG storyline.  (Thank Kish for writing them and Caswallon, Gandalf, Trouveur and Godimir for the translations.)

* Faldorn now has Totemic Druid as a kit option.

* Fixed some WPs with Branwen and Alora and Edwin.

* Fixed a Bioware sloppiness problem.  Garric now has his biography.

* Berrun Ghastkill of Nashkel no longer has Kivan’s portrait.

* Spider’s Bane and Ring of Free Action now protect against Entangle.

* We now use the Ice Arrow projectile animation for the Wand of Frost.

* Shoal won’t kill the PC everytime now.

* Ghasts will actually be able to paralyze you and nauseate you.

* Fixed a crash in Durlag’s tower when entering the room with the Phoenix Guards.

* If you run BG1Tutu in any directory other than your BGII directory it will automatically fail.

* If you haven’t made a full install of BG1 or BG1 + TotSC, BG1Tutu will automatically fail.

* Probably some other stuff I’m forgetting.


September 26/2003: v3 Beta released

* It’s now possible to use kits with your favourite BG1 NPCs thanks to Kish.

* All NPCs now use BGII style weapon proficiencies.

* We ask if you want to keep two rare sounds or delete them upon installing BG1Tutu

* If you haven’t patched you BGII install, BG1Tutu will fail.

* We only patch the starting movie in BGMain.exe if you actually have the movies in your BG/BG + TotSC install

* Characters *really* only receive 1 hit die worth of HP at the start of the game.  This goes for multiplayer created characters as well.

* The order of RNDTREAS.2DA and RNDSCROL.2DA is now fixed so that you will receive the appropriate level of treasure based on the monster you've defeated.

* Familiars will now reappear when you release them from your pack.

* Shar-teel will now stop fighting you when she’s supposed to during your initial meeting with her.

* We now convert all doppelganger changing spells which will hopefully solve the bug with the Merchant league quest.

* We now convert AI scripts from the BG1 scripts directory and place them in the BGII scripts directory. The normal renaming convention applies.

* All NPCs parting dialogues are now working correctly.

* Albert the Ogre Mage will teleport away after you bring back his dog now.

* We convert the ISLOFF and ISLON 2DA files now.  If you don’t have TotSC, the install will still continue.

* Rumors will now add the appropriate journal entries.

* Boo now squeaks, and Edwin smacks your hand away when you click on their items.

* I missed splicing in WP’s for a few weapons.  Fixed now.

* We blank out the Unknown slot that becomes SELECT_COMMON_7 in BGII because quite a few NPCs had Ajantis’ [POST] sound in that slot.

* You can no longer wear a bajillion magical items at once.

* bg1tutu_restore.exe should now work properly and restore you game to the state it was before installing BG1Tutu.

* Probably a few other things I’ve missed.


September 15/2003: v2 Beta released

* We now splice in WP’s for items.

* We’ve beefed up Gorion so that he performs better in the beginning cutscene.

* Characters only receive 1 hit die worth of HP at the start of the game now.

* Fixed a small oversight involving Beastmaster’s and axes.

* The install won’t fail if a SET_STRING is out of range.  An error message is thrown up now and the install continues.

* The install won’t fail if the directory “bg1tutu/backup/override” exists.  If it exists, we simply don’t create the directory.

* NPCLEVEL.2DA is handled for BG and BG + TotSC.

* Throwing daggers and throwing axes will no longer crash the game.

* Fixed Xan’s moonblade so that it matches Xan’s race, class and stats.

* Removed ISLOFF and ISLON from the 2DA string reference conversion list.

* While converting cres, we add 1 to their XP so that the right amount of XP is now received for any given cre.

* Fixed a problem in the Nashkel Mines where “blocky” tis blocks where showing.

* File copied over to the BG1 override directory are deleted after the conversion completes.

* The “talking chicken quest” now works correctly.

* We now automatically log all the details of the BG1Tutu install to bg1tutu.log in the BGII directory.


September 13/2003: v1 Beta released

* Nothing to see here.  Move along.