Baldur's Gate II - Quest Pack

Version 2.3

  • Numerous exciting new adventures!
  • Add new dimensions to popular existing quests!
  • Opportunities that should have been in the game from the start!
  • Tens of thousands of words of dialogue, with extensive voicing!
  • Stat and class-specific paths allow for huge roleplaying diversity!
  • Unique and dangerous opponents with fearsome AI!
  • Blends seamlessly with the existing world!
  • Treachery and intrigue!

    Welcome to the Quest Pack.


  • Section I: Introduction
  • Section II: Components
  • Section III: Installation
  • Section IV: Compatibility
  • Section V: FAQs
  • Section VI: Credits
  • Section VII: Version History

    Section I - Introduction

    The Quest Pack contains a number of components designed to add additional adventures throughout Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal. While the expansion is supported by some material, it is not required. ToB-specific components will be automatically skipped if ToB is not detected. Some components may expand on existing quests, while others may be completely new. All are independent, optional to install, and do not rely on one another technically or in terms of story. Quest Pack uses WeiDU for ease of (un)installation, and compatibility.

    In expanding Baldur's Gate II to make the game more fulfilling, Quest Pack seeks to merge seamlessly with the content of the original game. When players claim that mods can never match the quality of a professional game, I consider it a challenge, and I can only hope that I've succeeded. Quest Pack contains dozens of interjections for both Bioware and mod NPCs; it will also interact fully with various other mods, including Kelsey, Keto and Virtue, all three of which will add to the BG2 and Quest Pack experience.

    Quest Pack should not upset the balance of the game. It is no secret that, in the past, many quest mods have been the subject of complaints about overpowered items, excessive XP rewards, and so on. This should not be the case here, and if you do encounter any balancing issues, please feel free to raise them on the forum.

    Many of the battles in QP respond to the difficulty slider. If you find one too difficult, try reducing the setting. There should be no extreme Tactics-type combat in the mod, but it seeks to be challenging where appropriate. Note that the difficulty slider will still alter damage amounts as it did in vanilla BG2-- Quest Pack does not change this. the_bigg's tweak pack has a component to counteract this effect.

    Have any thoughts on the mod? Head over to the forum at Guest posting is enabled for the shy. Alternatively, e-mail me at

    (Screenshots are available here.)

    Section II - Components

    The mod currently consists of EIGHTEEN components:

    General AI Improvements & Expanded Vocabulary
    With this component installed, creatures throughout the game will behave marginally more intelligently. Don't expect drastic increases in difficulty, but do expect, for example, creatures to no longer stand around without attacking inbetween drinking potions. This is not a tougher battles mod, but more of a fix for poor intelligence I witnessed while playing the game. Installing this should improve the overall Quest Pack experience, and indeed that of the game as a whole.

    If this component is installed, you get:

  • Less predictable attack targetting.
  • Smarter usage of items such as potions and wands.
  • Intelligent druid spellcasting.
  • Intelligent paladin spellcasting.
  • Randomized usage of certain abilities, such as Demilich imprisonment.
  • New behaviour of illusionary images. (Simulacrum, Projected Image, Mislead.)

    You do not, however, get any changes to creature abilities. Stats, items, abilities, and so on remain unchanged. You also get legal AI--the scripts do not allow creatures to "cheat".

    Note that Demiliches may become substantially tougher with this component, as it is more difficult to "cheese" them. (I stress once again that they gain no new abilities save a bugfix to the Watcher's Keep Demilich's Spell Trigger, which previously failed to do anything except display text due to a coding error.) See the FAQ section if you're really finding them painful to endure with the new AI.
    (Also beware of the Demiliches' imprisonment breaking romances. This is a persistent bug in BG2. The upcoming G3 Fixpack will remedy the issue, and currently a fix is available courtesy of the_bigg.)

    Creature & Area Improvements
    This component is split into three parts: All Creature & Area Improvements, All Creature Improvments, and Boss Improvements Only. All seek to improve the atmosphere in BG2--be it by enhancing enemy environments, abilities or intelligence. The first option will install improvements to general creatures and bosses, and will make various changes to the environments in which you will encounter these creatures. The second option will install improvements to general creatures and to bosses, but omit changes to the areas themselves. The final option will only install the changes to bosses.

    The area changes are as follows:

  • The beholder lair in the Underdark responds to difficulty, with changes to beholder placement and creature addition as a result.
  • The arbitrary summoning mish-mash on the bottom floor of the Guarded Compound is replaced by a more appropriate encounter.
  • The lair of the Twisted Rune is better protected, and its guardians behave more sensibly.
  • An array of ambushes may now take place in the North Forest.

    The general creature changes are as follows:

  • Drow now gain innate abilities: Faerie Fire, Globe of Darkness, Dancing Lights. (Created by Kensai Ryu-- this component also appears in D0Tweak.)
  • Vampire abilities are standardised, so they will all use Domination and Fear to a degree suitable to their experience. Their intelligence is also vastly overhauled, allowing them to adapt to immunities. Additionally, vampires turning to bat form now grant 75% of their XP value.
  • Mind Flayers gain a greater repertoire of psionic abilities, and will use them less predictably. They may also try to escape a battle if wounded (inspired by Blucher's Smarter Mind Flayers), and may even return to fight you again later. Alhoons also gain a small number of appropriate mage spells.
  • Beholder abilities for all types are adjusted: they now use them less predictably. Additionally, it is possible to disable Beholders by destroying their eyestalks if you do enough damage. Finally, all beholder types are appropriately colour-coded. (The colour changes were inspired by Xyx's Smarter Beholders, which are, in fact, much smarter than Quest Pack's, but not for the faint of heart!)
  • Umber Hulks use their gaze less predictably, and a distinction is made between the abilities of normal Umber Hulks and Elders.
  • Mummies gain a "Gaze of Despair", as per PnP. It causes a Hopelessness effect which stuns all creatures in the area of effect for 3 rounds unless they save vs. spell.
  • Elite Fire Giants gain the ability to Berserk, as per their assigned class.
  • Single-target gaze attacks now use a standard gaze projectile.
  • Shadows fizzle away when killed. (I attempted to prevent them chunking, since this always looked bad, but this seems impossible within the confines of the engine.)

    The boss changes seek to make Irenicus and Bodhi more credible. All incarnations of them are affected. While these changes made mainly affect AI, some new abilities are also granted. Bodhi may now Dominate in the same way as other vampires, and she also gains the ability to Control Undead. Irenicus in Suldanessellar now has a greater repetoire of low-level spells, and gains the ability to Dimension Door to you if you flee the battle. Additionally, on Hard difficulty, Tree of Life Irenicus gains one use of Improved Alacrity, and on Insane, Tree of Life Irenicus gains two and Spellhold Irenicus gains one.

    This component will automatically install v1.9 of the Detectable Spells pack.

    Miscellaneous Enhancements
    This component does not add a single new quest per se, but instead introduces assorted new minor encounters and enhancements in various places during the game, to spice up the atmosphere.
    Some of the encounters may be recognisable from Iron Modder competitions; however, all have been fixed and improved in some way. This component may safely be installed over the top of Iron Modder entries, but not vice versa.

    The complete list of changes introduced by this component is as follows:

  • A new encounter now takes place in the graveyard in chapter 6. (Bons IM.)
  • You can visit a new character in the Umar Hills Inn to hear a sinister tale once you exit the Underdark. (Blue IM.)
  • Madulf will help protect Imnesvale during the paladin stronghold quest set there.
  • The lost girl in the Docks District can now be reunited with her mother.
  • New possibilities are introduced for dealing with the orphaned child in Saradush.
  • Sime now has a proper fate, providing closure where none was present originally. (Previously she would go for help and never be mentioned again.)
  • New random encounters are introduced, both in the city and in the wilderness. (This will work alongside the similar component in the Tactics mod.)
  • The player may now experience someone other than himself being abducted by Cowled Wizards in the Bridge District.
  • There is now a minor followup to the discovery of the lich in the Crooked Crane.
  • In the Windspear Hills, the Knights' illusion may be dispelled.
  • The Trademeet Rakshasas now respond to the Flail of the Ages.
  • Resurrecting Mummies works more frequently and provides more diverse dialogue.
  • A dog will befriend you temporarily in the Docks.
  • The infamous Battle Horror makes a reappearance. Be prepared.
  • Displacer Beasts may now be encountered in the Underdark. (Created by Jaysyn.)
  • A limited number of Arrows of Detonation become available in SoA.
  • Ribald now wears a Robe of the Neutral Archmagi.

    Additional Shadow Thieves Content
    This component expands on the existing quests focussing around the Shadow Thieves. It can be divided into a number of sections:

  • The player may now side with Mae'Var instead of Renal when assigned to infiltrate his guild. In the true spirit of thieves, this component allows the player to double-cross his allies time after time, although not without consequence. To begin this path, the player must take the initiative and tell Mae'Var of Renal's mission after gaining his trust.
  • There is now a mission to eliminate Aran Linvail and his guild on the behalf of Brega in chapter 6. The player will find himself fighting his way through the Shadow Thief lair alongside city guards. This component will begin automatically in chapter 6 for any player who does not have the thief stronghold and has not sided with Mae'Var, assuming Aran is still alive; a messenger should demand your attention.
  • It is now possible to complete Edwin's quests without killing Rayic Gethras: you may instead trick Edwin into thinking Rayic is dead. New dialogue options should become apparent upon speaking to Rayic.
  • A quest is introduced centering around the torturer, Booter. (Ghrey IM.) If spoken to repeatedly, he will divulge information about his victims, and a cunning player may be able to utilize some of these details.

    To play with this component, a new game should be started, or at least a save prior to entering the Shadow Thief guildhouse should be used.

    Alternative Xzar/Harpers Plot
    This component expands the Harper plots in two significant ways:

  • New solutions are introduced to the plot involving Xzar and the Harpers. The player may warn the Harpers of Xzar's intentions, therefore removing the previous necessity of doing something unkind to Jaheira to commence her romance. On the other hand, the player is not bound to his word to help the Harpers, and an evil player may double-cross them if they so wish. To gain the benefits of this component, simply begin Xzar's quest as normal. New dialog options should become apparent when speaking with the Harpers in the compound.
  • Jaheira will now respond to Shazzellim appropriately. There is a brief related quest which she should initiate automatically if you keep the sword in your possession.

    (Note that this component will also add a eight-hour delay to Meronia's spawning after Xzar has been killed. If you're used to her appearing instantly, then there's nothing to worry about.)

    Extended Fallen Paladins Material
    Reynald de Chatillon is undeniably an intriguing character. Unfortunately, he disappears all too quickly in the original game. This component adds additional material after the original sequence has finished, expanding on his background, beliefs and goals in life.
    The new Reynald material may be gained even if it is installed after the quest has been completed. Simply visiting the Bridge District should trigger it. Otherwise, play the quest as normal; new dialogue options will soon become apparent.

    Intrigue In The Copper Coronet
    This component makes various enhancements to the Copper Coronet:

  • A money lender is now available for the player to borrow from. Hints around the game should help you locate him. Of course, while the player can try to avoid paying back his debts, this is not without consequences. And don't expect it to provide an easy solution to getting to Spellhold quickly.
  • There is a new quest available involving debt repayments in the Slums district. To begin this quest, head to the centre of the district, where a woman named Moiya should speak with you.
  • Having adjusted the management of the Coronet, it is now possible to either remove Surly from the premises, or extort him, taking a share of his business profits. Speak to him after killing Lehtinan. If you remove Surly from the Coronet, he will attempt to set up elsewhere.

    Rahul Kanakia's Potion Quest
    Originally created by Rahul Kanakia, this little-known gem makes a reappearance in Quest Pack. Edited by Ding0 and Compton, Potion Quest tells the tale of a man torn between work and family, and of the very real consequences of thirst for power.
    This quest begins in the southwest of the sewers beneath the Temple District.

    Revised Hell Trials
    Adahn, original author, writes:

    Originally intended as a small contribution to a larger project that is now never to be completed, this mod deals with the five tests that occur in the Abyss (or Gehenna, depending on whom you ask) during chapter 7. From a roleplaying standpoint, this final stage of the game seemed somewhat unsatisfying, especially for neutral characters. And the fact that a neutral protagonist had to complete all five tests in the "good" manner in order to remain neutral doesn't appear too logical, either. Therefore, this mod attempts to resolve these issues by changing the following things:

  • For each of the tests there's now a "neutral" path to take, resulting in a different reward as well. Sometimes the neutral path is closer to the original evil way, sometimes to the good one, and sometimes it is completely different to either of them.
  • After the last test the protagonist's alignment is judged, which can result both in a positive or negative adjustment. It's generally easier to drop down to evil than to become good, though.
  • The conditions for a paladin's or ranger's loss of his class have been slightly refined, causing a higher tolerance of neutral and evil acts for the ranger. In addition, specialist clerics will now lose their kit if they stray from the alignment dictated by the respective god.

    Improved Oasis II
    It always seemed that the ToB Oasis was a very limited area, designed only for combat. Jamis Tombelthen's dialog was insultingly small, and there was only one possible outcome: battle. This component expands Jamis Tombelthen's dialog in the Oasis area, to potentially allow for a peaceful solution rather than inevitable conflict.
    And, of course, not forgotten is the Combat Enhancement aspect of IO2. This is entirely optional; you may install the Dialogue Enhancement with or without the Combat Enhancement. If installed, the battle will respond extensively to difficulty setting, party size, and party level.

    Saving Sanik In Brynnlaw
    This component adds a window of opportunity during which Sanik can be saved from his untimely fate at the hands of Galvena's Assassin in Bynnlaw. Be sure to act quickly, however, for the assassin will soon penetrate his meagre defence and strike true.

    Burglary Of The Bookkeeper
    One of the most loved (or loathed) characters in all of Amn, Galoomp, has been feeling rather down lately. The reason? Somebody has been stealing scrolls from his store! Solve the mystery to uncover a tale of sadness and rejection in this component originally created by Andyr.

    New Fate For The Dryads' Acorns
    Are all dryads the beautiful, innocent creatures they appear to be? Originally created by Bons, this component adds an intriguing twist to the quest to return Irenicus' dryads' acorns to the Windspear Hills. Evil players may delight in the new opportunities afforded here, including a delicious gourmet meal. The quest begins with a new encounter which will take place in the south of the De'Arnise Hold if you have not already returned the acorns.

    The Tragedy Of Besamen
    Originally created by Icelus, this component adds a new encounter in the graveyard, in the tomb in which the Staff of Curing may be found. A troubled man, stuck somewhere between life and death, seeks to be united once more with his true love. Will you bring them together, or send them both to rot in their graves?

    Further Slaver Involvement
    This component allows additional options in dealing with the slavers around the city:

  • It is now possible to sell the orphan in the Graveyard District to Lehtinan. If you know he's a slaver, you can make him an offer once you've encountered Risa.
  • You may try to extort the slavers, threatening to warn the guard if they do not pay up; success is not guaranteed. New dialogue options should be apparent in the encounter with the slavers and corrupt guards at night in the Slums.

    Sending The Solamnic Knights Home
    An option sorely missing from the original game was for non-mage characters to send the Solamnic Knights in the Planar Sphere back to their homeworld. Now, any character may do so in exactly the same was as was previously the case. New clues have been added to account for the lack of Cowled Wizard involvement.

    Nazarial The Lich
    With this component, a new area is added to the Underdark. Deep beneath the earth resides an anicent lich, yearning to reach the surface and "freedom". Expect a unique and challenging battle with an intriguing backstory. The new area can be found in the Kua-Toa caves west of the main underdark area; it is somewhat hidden, but there may be (rather obvious) clues as to its whereabouts.

    Reward Negotiation
    This component is designed to provide alternative, non-violent means of gaining satisfactory rewards in various situations throughout the game. Currently only one change is effected:

  • The player will be able to select specifically what items constitute their share of the loot during the divison of Vithal's spoils from the Underdark portals. (Written by SixOfSpades.)

    Infernal Thievery
    With this component installed, a new encounter designed by SixOfSpades will take place in the Bridge District a few days after the skinner murders have been resolved. A man will approach you with an unusual offer, and the climax will occur shortly afterwards in the southern part of the district.

    Section III - Installation

    BGII, with or without ToB, is required. If you have other mods installed, please see the compatibility notes below prior to installation.

    Unzip the main ZIP file into your BGII main directory. This is normally:
    C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\

    Run (click on) "Setup-D0QuestPack.exe".

    (If "Setup-D0Quest.exe" it is present-- note the subtle difference from the above filename-- do not run it. This name is used by early, obsolete versions of Quest Pack.)

    Select your language. The components should install correctly for international players who have both DIALOG.TLK and DIALOGF.TLK. Currently available languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
    Please note, however, that not all components are available in all languages. If a component's name does not appear in your language, it has not yet been translated.
    (And prospective translators, note, since the mod's in a constant state of update, I won't be asking for translations for some components. Those which are pretty much finalized will have TRA files and can be translated, but components without TRAs are liable to undergo textual updates.)

    Then choose which components you would like to install. They are all optional. You may always uninstall any or all of them later by re-running "Setup-D0QuestPack.exe".

    It is strongly recommended that a new game be started after installation of Quest Pack. This may not be required for all components, but will minimize the possibility of issues occuring.

    Section IV - Compatibility

  • The Quest Pack should work fine with most other WeiDU mods (including all of those created by the Pocket Plane team). If compatibility issues with other WeiDU mods arise, please inform me.

  • Quest Pack has been tested and confirmed compatible with the Big Picture and its associates. Quest Pack's AI and improved creatures may safely be installed alongside BP's. Where overlap arises, BP's changes will take precedence.

  • Iron Modder entries included in this pack should be installed prior to Quest Pack (which supersedes the originals), or ideally not at all. Any Iron Modder entries included in Quest Pack will be automatically removed when they are installed as part of Quest Pack.

  • The Quest Pack versions of Improved Oasis II, Potion Quest and Revised Hell Trials should be installed in favour of the standalone versions. If either of the originals are installed, they should be removed prior to installation of Quest Pack.

  • Quest Pack should be installed AFTER Kelsey and/or Keto to allow their interjections to work correctely.

  • Quest Pack should be installed AFTER the NPC Flirt Packs to prevent flirts activating in the new Underdark area.

    Section V - FAQs


    Q: I thought this was meant to be a quest pack. What's with all this AI and creature improvement nonsense?
    A: While Quest Pack's primary goal is the introduction of new adventures to the game, I also feel that portraying foes convincingly is essential to maintain the integrity of the game. It's hard to tell a compelling story in an environment when enemy intelligence is constantly embarassing. As such, I've made some token efforts to lace the entire game with the sort of AI found in Quest Pack content, in the hope that it will strengthen the story and provide extra fun for players.
    An excellent illustration of this principle is dragons: with metagaming knowledge, we're fully aware that they're something of a joke in vanilla BG2, and as such, there's minimal motivation to use the Reward Negotiation component with them. However, if dragons become credible enemies, there's more sense in a player taking the diplomatic route.
    It's also worth noting that unlike many other mods, "Improved" in the Quest Pack context does not exclusively mean "Tougher". While many enemies will become more challenging (and respond to the difficulty slider), the primary intent of the improvements is to make them more believable and fun--for example, Beholders may now lose eyestalks during combat, which is clearly not a change intended purely as a difficulty increase.

    Q: Where can the money lender be found?
    A: In the Copper Coronet, near the door. His name is Celile, and you should see him speaking to a boy when you first enter. He will not speak with you unless you are very persuasive. See if anyone else knows anything about him.

    Q: I can't seem to side with Mae'Var! He just attacks me... what gives?
    A: You can't join him straight away; once you've completed Edwin's quests and gained his trust, then try telling him what you're up to.

    Q: Where is Moiya's daughter taken?
    A: One of the tombs in the graveyard. Try talking to the gravedigger and see what you can get out of him.

    Q: Can Xzar join my party if I save him?
    A: No. And in anticipation of the next question, I'm not going to be developing a Xzar NPC in the future either. (TDD provides a "silent" Xzar NPC, for those determined to acquire one.)

    Q: Where can Jadarath's family be found?
    A: In the southwest of the Bridge District. Try speaking with Sidhe and returning to Jadarath, but ensure that you do so before bringing him the final potion.

    Q: How exactly do the changes to the Hell Trials work?
    A: The neutral tests are as follows:

    WRATH (Sarevok):
    This is only a minor change. It works almost exactly like the good path, but instead of refusing the taint because it is evil you can do so out of distrust towards Sarevok or because you accept your destiny in whichever form it comes. Reward: +2 intelligence

    GREED (Blackrazor):
    Following the good path first you can tell the genie that you don't want to kill him, but simply can't give him the sword either. He will leave you the sword for as long as you need to beat Irenicus and gives you the tear, but places a geas upon you to ensure the return of the blade. Later, during the ToB section, he will reappear, demanding the sword. Refusing this simply results in death. Reward: +2 thac0

    SELFISHNESS (Sacrifice):
    Now, instead of simply disappearing the demon gives you the chance to say what you intend to do. Expressing the willingness to sacrifice or to kill the hostage, as well as being unsure has no real effect, the test will continue as always. A fourth option involves threatening the demon, resulting in a fight. He cannot be killed, but after some time surrenders the tear. Reward: +30% resistance to slashing damage

    FEAR (Nymph Cloak):
    It is now possible to ask the demon whether the nymphs are dead already or whether they still have to be killed (the original dialogue has been altered slightly to make this at least remotely logical). He will reveal that they are dead already, and you can accept the cloak, since refusing it won't change anything. Reward: +2 dexterity

    PRIDE (Dragon):
    When speaking with the demon, you must follow the evil path (saying that you'll kill the creature if it deserves death). The dragon (who is now a silver dragon at all times) will initiate dialogue, and you can simply talk him out of attacking. As a sidenote, possession of the Human Flesh Armor or the Silver Dragon Blood will result in him refusing a peaceful solution. Reward: +30% resistance to magic damage.

    Q: How is alignment evaluated in Revised Hell Trials?
    A: Your alignment is no longer switched to neutral evil after a single evil act. Instead, it will be determined after the last test, and can be adjusted to either good, neutral or evil, corresponding to the chart below (with e being evil, n being neutral and g being good). With every good test, a counter (starting at 3, 4 or 5, depending on your alignment) is raised by one, with every evil test it is lowered by this amount.

    On the left of this table are shown the choices made in the tests (good/neutral/evil). On the right is shown the new alignment according to the original (good/neutral/evil in that order).

    eeeee eee
    eeeen eee
    eeenneeeeg eee
    eennneeeng nee
    nnnggenggg nnn
    nngggegggg gnn
    ngggg ggn
    ggggg ggg

    Obviously, It is generally easier to become evil than good, and the chance for an evil character to "ascend" is lower than for a good character.

    Q: My class changed in Revised Hell Trials. How come?
    A: Depending on the choices you make, some classes may incur penalties with the mod installed. Paladins will lose their status after a single evil act or after two neutral ones. A loss of rangerhood occurs if your alignment changes, i.e. after three neutral or one evil and one neutral act. Specialist priests of Lathander, Helm and Talos will lose their kit if they provoke an alignment change in either direction. Naturally, this also causes the loss of any special powers, such as the "Boon of Lathander" ability. They will not lose any normal priest spells, though.

    Q: What are you smoking? Those Demiliches are way too tough now!
    A: If you're finding the randomized targetting too much to cope with, then never fear! It's not time to throw Quest Pack away just yet. Setting the difficulty slider to Easiest will cause them to target only the nearest enemy. (Incidentally, the AI scales up from there, so the Demiliches will become smarter with each notch of the slider.)

    Q: I dispelled the illusion on the knights in the Windpear Hills, but they still attack me. How come?
    A: While you can see that they're knights, they still think you're horrible monsters. They weren't willing to listen to reason at first, and they aren't now either.

    Q: What on earth is the nonsense that little girl is spouting?
    A: The cryptic remarks are a nod towards Icewind Dale. Hopefully it's at least slightly creepy.

    Q: I think your writing sucks and I hate you.
    A: That's not a question. However, if you have any feedback regarding the content of the mod, please do contact me. I'd far rather be told that you didn't like something than silently lose a whole bunch of (prospective) players.

    Q: HEY U STOLE [mod name here] MOD!!!!!!!!!11 PPEEPEE MODDS R THEIVS>
    A: I'm fairly sure I have the permission of every author whose content is included in this pack, including the rights to make modifications where applicable. If anyone has any concerns regarding permission, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Q: Is the poorly-formatted HTML in your readme W3C compliant?
    A: No.

    Section VI - Credits

    Many thanks to everyone involved in making and contributing to this mod. If there are any omissions to this list, please inform me.

    SimDing0Lead Writer/Editor
    Quest Coding
    Jason ComptonRewriting of the Potion Quest Component
    NPC Interjection Writing
    Quest Design and Writing Support
    Voice of Larell
    Voice of Celile
    Beta Testing
    Rahul KanakiaOriginal Author of the Potion Quest Component
    AdahnOriginal Author of Revised Hell Trials
    BonsOriginal Author of the Dahlia Encounter
    Original Author of the Phluafae Encounter
    Original Author of the Spectre Encounter
    Voice of Dahlia
    Voice of Phluafae
    GhreyfainOriginal Author of the Quallo Component
    Original Author of the Carrack Quest
    Beta Testing
    AndyrOriginal Author of the Galoomp Quest
    Improved Athkatlan City Guard
    Quest Ideas
    IcelusOriginal Author of the Besamen Encounter
    Co-Author of the Spectre Encounter
    Victoria Joyner (Blue)Original Author of the Indigo Encounter
    SixOfSpadesQuest Design for Saving Rayic Gethras
    Quest Design for Infernal Thievery
    Design of the Improved Oasis Combat Enhancement
    Writer of the Vithal Negotiation Sequence
    Beta Testing
    Analía Dobarro (Immortality)Quest Design and Writing Support
    CamDawgQuest Design and Writing Support
    Detectable Spells
    Coding Support
    Kensai RyuCreator of Restored Drow Innate Abilities
    Detectable Spells
    JaysynCreator of Displacer Beasts
    Bohus Blahut
    (recorded at Gulag Picture Radio)
    Voice of Reynald de Chatillon
    g'lainVoice of Moiya
    OperaDragonVoice of Besamen
    Jill Rossetto (St. Josephine)Voice of Baisera
    NotmrtVoice of Jamis Tombelthen
    the_biggCoding Support
    Detectable Spells
    Vulgar Zildrath
    Horred the Plague
    King Diamond
    Detectable Spells
    Coding Support
    Jonathan HiersExtensive Improved Oasis Feedback
    Quest Ideas
    Beta Testing
    Grim Squeaker
    Quest Ideas
    Sir Billybob
    Beta Testing
    Westley WeimerAuthor of WeiDU
    Jon Olav HauglidAuthor of Near Infinity
    AvengerAuthor of DLTCEP
    Detectable Spells
    Per OlofssonAuthor of TISpack

    Special thanks should also go to all those involved in the translation of various components of this mod into other languages:

  • maus (German - Revised Hell Trials)
  • Riojano2002 (Spanish - Revised Hell Trials)
  • Damian Staniszewski (Polish - Revised Hell Trials)
  • Immortality and Clan DLAN (Spanish - Improved Oasis II)
  • Caswallon (German - Improved Oasis II)
  • Mathrim Cauthon (French - Improved Oasis II)
  • al17, Bossk and Raptor, (Italian - Improved Oasis II, Revised Hell Trials)

    Additionally, Adahn (original Author of Revised Hell Trials) would like to thank the following:

  • Gustov Montessi and the TeamBG staff
  • JericoPaladin (spiritual father of the Revised Hell Trials concept)
  • Mad Acand (input on neutral tear bonuses)
  • Barry Coley & ribald (beta testers)

    The best IE mods to date can be found at Pocket Plane Group and Gibberlings Three. Both are well worth a visit.

    Section VII - Version History

    Version 1
    - Initial release. Rubbish.

    Version 2
    - Coronet: Girl should speak correctly if you paid the ransom.
    - Coronet: No more Virtue loss for killing Celile in Brynnlaw.
    - Coronet: Moiya should not suffer morale failure any more.
    - Coronet: Money repayment timer should be totally accurate now.
    - Coronet: Player assault scene works better now.
    - Coronet: Minor Tactics conflict resolved.
    - Coronet: Resolved issue with Moiya failing to spawn after boy approaches player.
    - Coronet: If Celile flees before you pay him back, you will still be confronted and asked for payment.
    - Coronet: Reduced maximum amount available to borrow.
    - Coronet: Now possible to remove Surly from the Coronet after Hendak takes over.
    - Coronet: Celile comes with backup in Brynnlaw.
    - Harpers: Consistent XP rewards upon completion.
    - Harpers: Assassin no longer mentions the amulet if you agree to help them.
    - Harpers: NPC interjections at the end make sense.
    - Harpers: I'm positive the Jaheira romance should always work now. Meronia should spawn two days after the assassination or bandit encounter, as appropriate.
    - Harpers: No longer possible to obtain two assassins.
    - Paladins: Path to keep Reynald alive is now more obvious.
    - Thieves: Now possible to complete Mae'Var's tasks without killing Rayic. Thanks, SixOfSpades!
    - Thieves: The player can now both gain the Short Sword of Backstabbing and accept the Thieves' Guild stronghold.
    - Countless other minor alterations and bugfixes. Seriously, so many I lost track. Let's just say "all known bugs fixed".
    - Recoded the entire Shadow Thieves component because it was such rubbish. I offer personal apologies to anyone who endured the original, and personal insults to anyone who didn't. :)
    - Miscellaneous Enhancements (previously "Miscellaneous Encounters") significantly expanded and split into separate components.
    - Added General AI Improvements, Potion Quest, Revised Hell Trials, Improved Oasis and many more components.

    Version 2.1
    - AI: Paladins should now attempt to turn undead when appropriate.
    - AI: Added improved illusionary images from D0Tweak.
    - Coronet: Implemented a timer to limit the rate at which money can be borrowed.
    - Coronet: Celile will now explain why the Shadow Thieves haven't dealt with him if you ask.
    - Dryads: Fixed issue with Firkraag's lair being unavailable under some circumstances.
    - Galoomp: Kram will now actually take the ring when he says he is.
    - Galoomp: Resolved a minor response typo.
    - Harpers: Checks on Jaheira's romance now function correctly.
    - Harpers: Player must now propose betraying Xzar, rather than Harpers suggesting it.
    - Oasis: Tethyrian archers now carry a limited number of Arrows +3.
    - Potion: Jadarath will no longer erroneously refer to your dead companions.
    - Potion: The response regarding the Sea Troll will now always show correctly.
    - Potion: Now possible to question Sidhe about Jadarath after giving her money.
    - Potion: Resolved issue which would cause Jadarath not to return to the sewers when he claimed to be.
    - Potion: Expanded dialogue with Umar Hills inkeep to include hint at Sidhe's current whereabouts.
    - Miscellaneous: Battle Horrors are now restored.
    - Miscellaneous: Implemented fate for Sime.
    - Miscellaneous: Fixed a minor bug in Madulf's scripting.
    - Sanik: Minor typo resolved.
    - Thieves: Arkanis Gath no longer appears when you side with Bodhi.
    - Thieves: You may now tell Rayic that Edwin is already dead.
    - Thieves: Fixed a Rayic/Edwin journal entry that would remain for the entire game.
    - Updated readme with more detailed descriptions of how to experience new content.
    - Updated Italian translation.
    - Significantly adjusted a large number of XP rewards for better balancing. IO2 negotiation is the only one to have gone up-- let me know what you think.
    - Added Reward Negotiation and Boss Improvements components. Talk to me about Boss Improvements difficulty!
    - Added a number of new NPC interjections, particularly for Kelsey and Keto.
    - All components should now successfully install on SoA-only games.

    Version 2.2
    - Boss: Should now install over Item Upgrade. I suggest everyone bugs Weimer to fix the corrupt item it ships with. :)
    - Coronet: Should now install over Keto. APPEND_EARLY is god.
    - Harpers: Fixed an incorrect dialogue link that would prevent Meronia from giving you the bird at all.
    - Harpers: Xzar's colours are now adjusted to match BG1.
    - Oasis: Changed an awkward repetition of "divine".
    - Thieves: Removed infinite XP exploit with Brega.
    - Thieves: Fixed a case in which the player constantly had lines including "however" available to say to Rayic. This looked silly.
    - Fixed some omissions from the credits.

    Version 2.21
    - Boss: Should really fix all install issues now. Thanks, the_bigg.
    - Galoomp: Worked around a minor Keto bug which was preventing Kram from spawning correctly in some circumstances.

    Version 2.3
    - AI: Improvements to illusionary clone behaviour.
    - Besamen: No longer possible to tell Baisera she has her job back if you skip talking to Mira.
    - Besamen: Mira will mention Baisera after the quest resolution.
    - Boss: Updated Detectable Spells. A lot.
    - Boss: Resolved an incompatibility between Bodhi's new AI and Unfinished Business.
    - Coronet: Resolved the "no valid replies" issue with the debt collectors.
    - Coronet: Moiya shouldn't suffer morale failure for real now.
    - Coronet: Surly will now make a return if you evict him.
    - Coronet: Lorick is no longer so eager to maze the party for no reason.
    - Galoomp: Galoomp will now introduce himself on your first meeting.
    - Harpers: Meronia spawn timer reduced to 8 hours.
    - Hell: Removed leftover stat gain upon defeating Wraith Sarevok.
    - Miscellaneous: Implemented a minor expansion to the lich in the Crooked Crane.
    - Miscellaneous: Mummies no longer go wrong when spells are cast on them. Oops.
    - Miscellaneous: Resurrecting Mummies should no longer interfere with Korgan's quest.
    - Miscellaneous: Halved XP rewards for mummy resurrection.
    - Miscellaneous: Tazok now appears as a half-ogre.
    - Miscellaneous: Added Jaysyn's Displacer Beasts from D0Tweak.
    - Miscellaneous: Ribald now wears a Robe of the Neutral Archmagi.
    - Miscellaneous: Fixed a potential dialogue loop with Vampiric Sime.
    - Miscellaneous: Fixed a typo that could cause an error message at installation.
    - Miscellaneous: Added new random encounters.
    - Miscellaneous: Now possible to give gold to the woman whose lost child you recover.
    - Nazariel: New area no longer allows flirting.
    - Negotiation: Vithal's teleport spell prevents him being killed. Consider it the effect of him phasing away.
    - Oasis: Corrected facing directions for a number of Oasis troops.
    - Potion: Blindness now protects from gaze attacks.
    - Potion: Mummies grouped together shouldn't bombard you with gaze attacks quite so much.
    - Potion: Added missing protections to the Potion of Mirrored Eyes.
    - Potion: Gaze attacks use more appropriate projectiles.
    - Potion: No longer possible to invite Jadarath to visit his family when he has already done so.
    - Potion: Resolved issue which would cause Jadarath to forget which potions you'd given him.
    - Potion: Various minor typos resolved.
    - Potion: Shifted arbitrary changes to Mummies into the Creature Improvements section.
    - Sanik: People in Brynnlaw now correctly acknowledge if Sanik is still alive.
    - Thieves: Journal entry on killing Aran no longer erroneously suggests the player is working for Bodhi.
    - Thieves: Description for Aran's Ring no longer assumes he gave it to you.
    - Thieves: Orcs and Shadows in Aran's lair are now replaced with more appropriate enemies.
    - Thieves: Freeing the prisoners no longer requires Aran to be dead.
    - Thieves: Gaelan will now turn hostile when you attack Aran.
    - Thieves: The vastly overcomplicated handling of Rayic regaining his ring is now replaced with something that should always work.
    - Thieves: If you helped him, Rayic will give you slightly longer to leave the room.
    - Thieves: We standardise Booter as a gnome, rather than gnome/dwarf hybrid.
    - Thieves: The Shadow Thief Prison Key can still be obtained if you completed the Carrack quest.
    - Thieves: No longer possible to acquire a duplicate Ring of Lock Picks.
    - Fixed a number of harmless installation errors that could crop up under some circumstances.
    - Added Infernal Thievery component.
    - Further NPC interjections added throughout.
    - Boss Improvements expanded into Creature/Area Improvements.
    - Removed horrible profanity from the readme.